Popular Cyberpunk 2077 Streamer Is Taking Down the Tip Jar

December 17, 2020 3:33 pm

CohhCarnage started streaming Cyberpunk 2077 recently, which attracted a lot of attention to his streams. While that piece of news was still fresh in the minds of the viewers, he announced yet another update.

CohhCarnage announced the update via a Twitter post claiming that he will take down the tip button indefinitely. In doing so, all the tips will go to his moderation team starting January 1, 2021.

The Twitch streamer has been pretty vocal about the involvement of his moderation team in making his channel successful. Carnage talks about his mod team each month, and this is when all the donations go to his team. But the removal of the tip button to support his mod team is a step further in the right direction.

Cyberpunk 2077 streamer announces a reward for his moderation team

He made a ripple on social media for a magnificent gesture of kindness and support for his moderation team. CohhCarnage has been a household name in the industry for a long time. He started his journey in 2013 and gradually became one of the biggest Twitch names in the scene.

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He has a pretty unique style that makes him stand out amongst scores of other streamers. The US-based streamer is popular for streaming titles like Demon’s Souls, The Witcher, XCOM, and more recently, Cyberpunk 2077. CohhCarnage has made waves in the community owing to his distinct playing style.

He pushes himself to explore video games by playing the games on their maximum difficulty levels. This is exactly what enabled him to strike over a million subscribers on Twitch.

A mode team plays a huge role in making a Twitch channel successful. Carnage realizes that and his continued efforts to support his team makes the viewers come back to his channel for more content.

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