Popular Fortnite YouTuber LazarBeam On the Brink of Facing a Permanent Ban

November 23, 2020 7:42 pm

With over 17 million subscribers, Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube. Primarily known for his Fortnite gameplays, Lazar had recently started reviewing Tik-Tok clips; however, it seems to have worked against him.

Back in October, YouTube had temporarily banned Lannan for reviewing a Tik-Tok clip that violated the platform’s child safety norms. Naturally, this was an enormous setback for the YouTuber and his huge fan-base.

In a recent tweet, LazarBeam informed his fans about another strike on his channel. Apparently, he was still recovering from the anxiety that the last strike had given him.

Including the latest strike, LazarBeam now has 2 strikes on his channel. As per YouTube guidelines, another strike on his channel would lead to the permanent removal of his channel.

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From being one of the biggest Fortnite creators to YouTube strikes, Lazarbeam has seen it all

To say the least, LazarBeam’s journey to the top has been full of peaks and valleys. He started off his YouTube career in 2015, by uploading clips of Madden NFL challenges. With time, he tried out several other games like GTA, Rocket League, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Happy Wheels, among others.

However, he received his much-deserved success with Fortnite. Lazar uploaded his first Fortnite video in October 2017 and has gained over 15 million subscribers ever since.

Having said that, LazarBeam doesn’t play Fortnite regularly now. He has been playing games like Among Us and reviewing some popular Tik-Tok clips. The novel approach undoubtedly helps in fresh content; however, it has also led to the two bans on his channel.

Fellow content creators react to the latest strike on Lazar’s channel

Knowing about another strike on Lazar’s channel has been a shocker for his fellow content creators too, because losing a channel with over 17 million subscribers has a lot of stakes attached to it.

Fellow YouTuber LachLan, who recently got his own skin in Fortnite, also expressed his grief over the matter.

LazarBeam’s fans and his fellow content creators have been very supportive of him ever since he received the first strike on his channel. From the looks of it, Lazar might have to change his content strategies to avoid a permanent ban.

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Owing to the recent developments, do you think LazarBeam will return to Fortnite?

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