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Popular Streamer Shares ‘500iq’ Trick for Impostors in Among Us

Popular Streamer Shares ‘500iq’ Trick for Impostors in Among Us

Among Us is the latest sensation among streamers and pretty much the entire gaming community. It is a game that is seemingly easy but can get extremely complicated as the play goes on. Even though the game has 2 Impostors in every round, it can get really difficult for the Impostors Thankfully, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop shared this amazing ‘500iq’ tip that will definitely work if done correctly.

A couple of days ago, Jack streamed a game of Among Us with streamers like Ninja, Valkyrae, DrLupo, Sykkuno, and a few others. The game began with him and DrLupo being the Impostors. This is when he suddenly had a brainwave and decided to try something. While the other players went away to do their tasks, CouRage pretended to be AFK and remained in the cafeteria.

Surprisingly, when the first round was over, no one suspected him as he just stayed idle and did nothing. But, as the rounds progressed, people died and the players figured out that Dr Lupo was on impostor and kicked him out. At this point, CouRage was still pretending to be AFK and remained in the cafeteria.

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CouRage managed to survive more than 7 rounds in Among Us by pretending to be AFK

Meanwhile, Sykkuno tried to be the Good Samaritan and decided to protect CouRage by staying with him the whole time. Obviously, CourRage took the opportunity and killed him the moment everyone left the cafeteria.  When they returned, they saw the dead body but still didn’t suspect CouRage as he was still AFK. After surviving for a few more rounds, CourRage finally joined the Discord call back and made some excuses to prove his innocence. But by this point, everyone had figured out that he was the impostor and eventually kicked him out. Take a look at the video below to see how things went down.

Even though he lost the game, he gave the fans a brilliant strategy. Pretending to be AFK in a lobby of anonymous people can come in handy as they will definitely not suspect anything. This trick may not be completely foolproof but it did take him to like round 7 which is great. Nevertheless, this was thoroughly entertaining and something fans should try and see if it works.

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