Popular Streamer Shows New Mythic Ability In Fortnite

September 28, 2020 5:39 pm

Chapter 2, Season 4, has seen the Avengers come to protect the Fortnite island from Galactus. While the imminent threat looms, Gorgers have already made their way to the Island. Simultaneously, Epic Games have balanced it out by vesting mythic abilities in the new Marvel characters.

Until now, players have seen several new mythic POIs designed for these Marvel bosses. The Doom’s Domain, Stark Industries, Sentinel Graveyard, all these map changes point to the arsenal the Avengers are building. At the same time, the Helicarrier is still one of the biggest mysteries of Season 4. 

With all these new mythic abilities, players are always discovering new tricks with them. Storm’s Whirlwind Blast is one of the new abilities that has been added in Fortnite. While it is not as strong as Iron Man’s Unibeam, or Wolverine’s Claws, it can still deal serious damage to opponents.

SypherPK shows how to use Storm’s mythic ability in Fortnite

SypherPK made an educational video explaining the different variations of the Storm’s Whirlwind Blast. First of all, this ability can be acquired at the Quinjet sites, where players have to shoot down the drones to open the container. 

SypherPK shows a few tips and tricks with the ability that has the element of surprise. For instance, Storm does not take damage from any weapon or vehicle while performing the ability.

Similarly, when players attack with Dr.Doom or Iron Man’s Gauntlet, Storm’s mythic ability can dodge both the attacks. It reflects the attack back to its source, damaging the opponent. The same is true for Thor’s Hammer.

The only weakness this ability has is Iron Man’s Unibeam. 

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How to use it in-game against players

Storm’s ability also protects people from fall damage if it’s timed right. SypherPK shows a few ways to use this in the video.  

The trick is to let the opponents take the higher ground during box fights; this will gradually give players a chance to send opponents flying. However, most of the time, players tend to fall on their own builds or use another mythic ability to counter. Thus players need to be frosty while timing this ability.

Incorporating mythic abilities during box fights can be considerably challenging. Thus, it is essential to remember the tricks SypherPK mentions in his video.

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