Popular YouTube Group 2HYPE Has Found a New Home

November 18, 2020 6:10 pm

100 Thieves has just announced the signing of the popular YouTube group: 2HYPE. 100T already has an impressive sheet of content creators and now with 2HYPE under its banner, the fans can expect some mind-bending content from the organization.

2HYPE comprises six YouTubers, namely CashNasty, Jesser, ZackTTG, Kristopher London, Jiedel, and Mopi, who bring in millions of views every month because of their flabbergasting content.

The six YouTubers joined hands back in 2019 and gained over a million followers with just fifty videos in. The group brings a lot of variation in their videos. Most of their videos revolve around basketball courts and gym retreats but they’ve also added Among Us to their portfolio.

2HYPE YouTube group joins 100Thieves

2HYPE is not merely a YouTube group, as the entire world is aware of their presence on Instagram and Twitter. But it is their YouTube channel that attracts the most attention.

Their main YouTube channel has over two million followers but their individual channels, too, are a massive success on the platform.

They are a bunch of intriguing YouTubers who started their careers by trying their luck at NBA 2K. Thus, most of their videos revolve around basketball courts.

Bringing 2HYPE into its fold wasn’t an impulsive decision made by 100 Thieves. Rather, 100T announced its association with the group a few weeks back. In fact, the news came following a collaboration between the organization and the YouTube group.

2HYPE went against 100Thives content house to complete a set of challenges to determine the ‘best’ content group. While 2HYPE lost that battle, they were the ultimate winners as joining hands with an experienced content organization like 100T will enable them to evolve further.

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100 Thieves revealed the reason behind this latest acquisition.

“We’re so thrilled today to welcome 2HYPE to 100 Thieves. This group of 6 creators sits at the forefront of sports, gaming, & culture. Just in the past few years, they’ve amassed over 18M YouTube subs across their channels. We look forward to so many collabs to come!”

100 Thieves already has a breathtaking list of content creators that includes Jack “Courage” Dunlop and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. 2HYPE will add a layer of a fan base to the franchise that doesn’t stick to conventional gaming videos.

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