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WATCH: LeBron James Plays Dead; Entire Lakers Bench Comes to Get Him & Has a Laugh

WATCH: LeBron James Plays Dead; Entire Lakers Bench Comes to Get Him & Has a Laugh

LeBron James playing dead

A few hearts would have been in the mouth when Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James did not get up after a being forced down on a fast break. The entire Lakers bench rushed onto the scene only to find out it was just LeBron having a little fun with them.

In the second quarter of play between Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, LeBron James was leading a fast break for his team, when he was fell down by one of the Trail Blazers. His immediate reaction, at least watching from a distance, felt as though he might have been injured. However, a video clip showed that he was playing dead and the Lakers were having a hearty laugh about it.

Lakers are definitely enjoying their Basketball now with them on the top of the league table. They were coming into the game with just three losses in 22 games in the league. The pair of LeBron and Anthony Davis was working well for the Lakers with the latter being their highest scorer and the former providing the most number of assists.

On Friday, LeBron James was meeting his old friend Carmelo Anthony. Since being the first and third picks respectively in the 2003 NBA Draft, the duo have had some career to talk about. Carmelo’s recent slump was thought to be the end of his career, but it seemed to have been boosted now after signing for the Trail Blazers.

The duo were up against each other for the 34th time in their illustrious careers.

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