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Bayern Munich: 2015 Takeaways

Bayern Munich: 2015 Takeaways


After putting up several powerful performances, Pep’s Bayern Munich have been absolutely outstanding this season so far. In the previous season too, the club were similarly successful but that being said, this season’s Bayern is mind-blowingly dominating and stands out on a worldwide scale. Their first league defeat coming in their 15th game, the fact that they are 8 points clear of 2nd placed Borussia Dortmund and a whopping 14 points off 3rd place Hertha Berlin explains what sort of domination the club has mustered this season. The kind of performances being put up by Bayern, when pitted against the other elites throughout Europe, the odds surely will be in favour of them winning the Champions League this season.

Here are a few positives from the season so for for FC Bayern Munchen.

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