Premier League 2016-2017 season ticket Prices:

Published 03/23/2017, 2:35 AM EDT
Source; BBC

The English Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. But how much would the fans really be willing to pay to watch their favourite teams in action? This article sheds light on five teams which sell the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League as well as five teams which sell the most expensive season tickets.


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1. West Ham United

West Ham United moved into the brand new London Olympic stadium this season. With a staggering 80,00 seat capacity, West Ham possess one of the largest stadiums in English football. However the cost of a season ticket in the Olympic stadium is the lowest in the premier league with prices starting at just 289 pounds.


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The newly opened “London Olympic stadium’

2. Stoke City

The recently renamed 365 stadium is home to Stoke City Football Club.With a 30,000 seating capacity, fans can get to watch their beloved team in action at the 365 stadium with season tickets starting at 294 pounds. Turns out a cold ,wet night at Stoke City won’t cost you a lot of money.

A wet and cold night at Stoke City could in fact save you a lot of money

3. Manchester City

Despite being one of the richest clubs in the world, along with housing some of the best talent in football, the cost of a season ticket at the Etihad stadium can be surprisingly cheap. Fans can get to witness the likes of Sergio Aguero in action with tickets starting at just 299 pounds.

A season ticket at the Etihad stadium is one of the cheapest in the premier league

4. Hull City

Hull City or the Tigers, as they are fondly called, ply their trade at the KCOM stadium.Despite being promoted to the Premier League this season, ticket prices have not increased drastically. Fans can get their season tickets at a minimum cost of 324 pounds.

Season tickets at the KCOM stadium start at just 324 pounds

5. Sunderland

The famous Stadium of Light is home to Sunderland Football Club.Fans have witnessed some nail biting relegation battles in this stadium, especially during the business end of the season.Season tickets at the Stadium of Light are on the cheaper side, with a base price of 380 pounds.

Season Tickets at the stadium of Light start at 380 pounds.

However, just as there are stadiums which are lenient on the wallet, there are others which can burn a hole in your pocket. Here are five football clubs which sell the most expensive tickets

  1. Arsenal

    The Gunners pay the highest ticket prices in the land. Their cheapest season ticket £1014 while the most expensive costs a whopping £2013. No wonder the Arsenal fan base having moved to the state-of-the-art Emirates stadium a decade is ago is an extremely frustrated one at the moment.

    Fans have to pay between£1014 and £2013 for a season ticket
  2. Arsenal’s North London rivals are not spared from the expenses either. Their fans  pay a massive £765-£1895 for their season tickets to visit White Hart Lane. The Spurs faithful will be hoping that the move to a revamped and bigger stadium can reduce their amount that pay for the coveted tickets.

    Tottenham charge between £765 and £1895
  3. Anfield is a stadium that breeds history and class. The atmosphere in this stadium is described by many as the best in the land. Though the essence doesn’t come without a cost as their fans have to pay between £685 to £869 for their season tickets.

History comes with a price tag of £685 and £869

The fans  of the current runaway premier leaders don’t have it easy on their wallets either. The season ticket cost for the blues fans cost  from  £750-£1250. While at the moment they wont mind paying anything, it will be interesting to see what happens to their fate when they move back to a revamped Stamford Bridge.


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Are Chelsea fans willing to pay £750 and £1250?

They might be a universally loved team and a neutrals favourite but their own fans have to still shell a lot of  money to watch them week in and out. The Saints charge £584-£853 for their season tickets to visit the St. Mary’s Stadium.


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Southampton charge £584 as a minimum and £853 as a maximum

 Written by Aayush Kataria and Nithin John



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