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Premier League Darkhorses from 2010/11

Premier League Darkhorses from 2010/11

12 Games (around a third of the premier league) are over, and the league table is starting to take shape. Perhaps the most surprising part of the table is Chelsea hovering just above relegation with 7 defeats in 12 games. However, Leicester City, under Ranerri have taken the Premier League by shock, currently with 25 points after 12 games and sitting a clear 3rd in the Premier League. Considering their form during the first half last season, it’s a surprise.

So a look back into the last 5 completed Premier League seasons, where a team that really took the league by surprise, to achieve a position that was not expected out of them.

1. 2010/11 – Fullham (8th)

2009-10 would have been one of the greatest Seasons for Fullham, which reached the Europa League final. The 2010/11 would see Fullham survive an intense mid-table competition in the Premier League to finish 8th in the league, as the difference in points from Fullham in 8th, to Wolverhampton in 17th was just 9 points.

Clint Dempsey, had a breakthrough season in the 2010/11 season.
Clint Dempsey, had a breakthrough season in the 2010/11 season.

The team, for the fight time under Mark Hughes who replaced Liverpool bound manager, Roy Hogdson. Many were not convinced that Fullham could be in the upper middle table, especially with Aston Villa, Sunderland (who were pretty good back then), Newcastle United among others.

Yet, Fullham were able to grind out the results when it mattered, including draws against Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. Their results against other clubs of the mid table ensured they would finish 8th in the Premier League, with a record 11 wins, 16 draws and 11 defeats saw them finish with 49 points.

Fullham would once again qualify for Europe thanks to the English positioning in the fair play tables, but would be relegated at the end of 2013/14 and have not been near the top six spots in the Championship since.

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