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Premier League Freshers

Premier League Freshers

Premier League is widely considered as one of the toughest and most lucrative footballing league across the world. The league has produced many stars over the years and has also been a boulevard of ruined careers. Therefore, it is obvious that the clubs, both in the top and subsequent lower flights, repair and upgrade their squads to strengthen themselves for the up coming challenge in August.

Since the start of this season’s transfer season, there have been a number of signings and new additions to various Premier League clubs. On one hand, clubs have secured the services of proven world class players, a.k.a., “marquee signings”, and then there are clubs who have admitted rather unknown, yet talented (and scouted) youngsters into their squad.¬†The tags of hits and misses will be imposed on them a year later. Till then, let’s see the best of the new signings in the Premier League in their respective positions and their performances in the previous season with their previous clubs. A Premier League”Freshers XI”.

DISCLAIMER: Transfers (as of till 0130 hours IST 24/07/2015) are only considered.

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