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Preview: Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs

Preview: Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs

This will be a crucial game for the Warriors

In a few hours, western conference top seeds Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs will be locking horns for the second time this season. Spurs will be hosting the Warriors at the AT&T Centre. This matchup isn’t going to be a standard Warriors vs. Spurs one. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr will be resting Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala as they’ve been on the road for quite some time while Spurs will be resting LaMarcus Aldridge, Dejounte Murray, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard who was already ruled out due to a concussion(head injury) he suffered vs Oklahoma City Thunder.

Golden State Warriors will be looking for a win desperately as they’ve lost their last two games and are 6-4 in the last ten games. San Antonio Spurs on the other hand are 9-1 in their last ten games and will be looking to defend their land as they look to replace the Warriors as the top seed in the west. Warriors and Spurs currently have 52 and 50 wins respectively. So the race for the top seed in the west is on.

Spurs will be without their main players, but the Warriors are in a similar position

It will be an interesting game, if not an exciting one as both the teams will be resting all of their key players. This game might very well expose the lack of depth the Warriors bench is suffering from. Matt Barnes and Shaun Livingston might have to step up their game in order to get this win. David West is also expected to play a few extra minutes for the Warriors considering the importance of this game. For the Spurs, big men Pau Gasol and David Lee will need to put some extra effort. Patty Mills will most probably be replacing Tony Parker as the starting Point Guard. Jonathon Simmons, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green will be doing what they do best – come off the bench and provide some firepower at the offensive end.

All in all, it’s gonna be a fun game as we’ll get to see some fine Spurs team basketball and get to know what the Warriors’ bench players have in store as they’ll be filling in for 3 out of 5 of their starters and key sixth man Andre Iguodala.

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