Priority Comes With the Children – Roger Federer

September 15, 2018 8:38 pm

To any sportsperson, travelling is one of the best fragments of their careers. Travelling bolters the relationship of an individual with his/her team. Moreover, the team members get to know each other more in person. For the 20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer travelling does play a crucial role in his career. Travelling has added joy to his team and his family. Besides that, the notion which keeps him motivated to play tennis at its apex level is all because to his wife, Mirka Federer, who accompanies him around the globe for tournaments.

The Brand Ambassador of Rimowa

The Basel native Roger has been declared as the new ambassador for Rimowa, the premium suitcase German company, who happen commentate their 120th anniversary. Moreover, Federer is fond of using their suitcases during his travel. The Swiss maestro has completed more than two decades of travel in his career, also Federer is overwhelmed with the travelling part of his career. “I felt it was a very natural fit for me, for both of us,” the World Number 2 tennis player said. “I’m a world traveller for 20 years now—I compare myself to a musician, but I do a world tour every year. I started in ‘96, it’s been a long long time, and suitcases, travelling, organization is just my life, you know.”

Charlene Riva, Myla Rose, Leo and Lenny

The Swiss maestro intellectually tackles with the issues which go astray during a travel. As Federer says, “It’s mental preparation. You know what, things will go wrong, and if they do, no problem, don’t dwell over it”. He makes sure that all the members of the Federer Family as well accustomed to a journey, his children in particular. Federer says, “priority comes with the children: make sure they’re comfortable. What we can control on our end, we try to do. Always leave on time, always give yourself a buffer. You don’t want to start missing flights and trains and trams and buses; better to take a bit of time. And eating healthy as you go along.’”

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