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Prominent Streamer Wins First Hyper Scape Tournament

Prominent Streamer Wins First Hyper Scape Tournament

Hyper Scape made some noise when it first launched with the closed beta. Ubisoft has finally come out with a game that changes the dynamics of battle royale, conceptually. The initial trailer and gameplay showed us exactly what to expect. And now, with tournaments being organized, things are starting to become competitive. 

Tfue won the first tournament with relative ease. Considering he is an expert in the battle royale genre, it was not a surprise at all. We were wondering how the game mechanics would be different than Rainbow Six. On that front, the game delivered perfectly with its innovative way of integrating dynamic movement. 

The tournament was hosted on Twitch Rivals. Tfue teamed up with Mendo from Team Liquid and Acesu from NRG. They were dominating their way through the entire tournament. From the looks of it, Hyper Scape tournaments can get pretty intense if one does not master the in-game movement. 

Tfue wins the Hyper Scape Twitch Rivals tournament 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NycYBbDdzSM]

We already know about the defining feature of the futuristic atmosphere this game promises. Although, seeing gunfights and rotations in a tournament gives us a completely different perspective. Usually, we do not think of these things until someone does them. One of the finest examples can be seen when Tfue is closed off by two other enemies engaging him from rooftops. 

We saw two of his teammates rotate around entire blocks to engage the enemy from behind. Once they startled the opponents, Tfue charged them upfront, succeeding in cornering them. 

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The First tournament went pretty smooth

Looking at the roster of players competing in the Twitch Rivals tourney, it is apparent this was not going to be an easy competition. With the likes of SypherPK, Dr Lupo, TSM Viss, it was pretty difficult from the start. 

Nevertheless, Team Tfue excelled with their skill. They got 196 points in the best of 3 games and racked up 264 points with the bonus round. That was just enough to finish as the top team in the tournament. However, after the tournament, the rising popularity of the game is establishing itself. Thus, it might not be too soon before we see another tournament heading our way. 

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