PS5: Cinematic Trailer Revealed for Godfall

September 30, 2020 10:59 pm

PlayStation revealed the cinematic trailer for Godfall on their YouTube channel on Tuesday. Counterplay Games developed Godfall as the first official game that was revealed for the next-gen PS5. Additionally, the developers will also release the game for Windows PC. Godfall is an action roleplaying game that follows the story of a war between two brothers.

PlayStation laid out some lore from the game in the description of the video.

If I’d left well enough alone, Macros would still be bullying rivals and battling enemies. Instead, he’s on the brink of godhood and our civilization lies in ruins. But Macros forgets what he said to me that day: Gods belong in the sky.

Another game with a fascinating storyline for PS5

The trailer titled “The Fall” describes the prologue of the game’s storyline. It displays the feud between the two brothers which led to the war. When both the armies were wiped out, it was left to the two of them, and there could only be one winner.

What follows is probably one of the best fighting sequences in the history of games with mythical weapons and magic. However, Marcos, the evil brother emerges victorious. Moreover, probably respecting their fraternity, he spares the life of his brother.

Players will take up the role of the protagonist with the goal of stopping Marcos from leading the world to an apocalypse. They will have to complete missions to unlock weapons and armor for the final battle as they progress in the story.

The game will launch on November 12, along with the launch of the PS5. However, it is available for pre-order on both Epic Store and the Play Station Store. It is available in three different editions, each with different perks.

The base version of the game costs $40.49 on PC and $69.99 on PS5. The Digital Deluxe edition is priced at $54.99 for PC and $89.99 for the console. It will grant players day-one access to the expansion scheduled for 2021.

Finally, the Ascended edition costs $60.99 for PC and $99.99 for the PS5. Along with the features from other versions, it comes with Gold-themed digital goods to help you save Aperion in style including Gold Valorplate skins for Silvermane, Phoenix, and Greyhawk; 5x Gold weapon skins; Gold Shield skin; Gold Royal Banner skin; Unique multiplayer lobby title, and; Orange Valorplate skin for Vertigo.

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