PS5: Disassembled DualSense Controller Photos Leaked on Instagram

September 29, 2020 4:03 pm

The upcoming PS5 is set to usher in the next-gen of gaming with its powerful hardware and, of course, the DualSense controller. The controller will enable users to immerse themselves in the gameplay experience like never before, through haptic feedback. The controllers will recreate various sensory experiences from the game through the medium of vibrations.

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Recently, Instagram handle impact_controller posted nine pictures of a disassembled DualSense controller. Some commented that the controller seems easy to break down and repair. Others raised concerns about the fact that the new consoles’ triggers will be connected to fixed plastic parts.

The DualSense 4 had a similar design, which often resulted in damage and breakages to the plastic brackets.

Sony yet to give a breakdown of the PS5 controller

However, we cannot say much in detail about the controller from these photos. On the other hand, even Sony has not said much about the hardware in detail. There have been discussions regarding the build of the DualSense controller on, and as of now, fans have high hopes about this. Even the feedback on these photos on Instagram was quite positive.

The DualSense Controller will add up to the next-gen gaming experience that PS5 promises. The upcoming console will remove loading screens and introduce never seen before framerates in 4K resolution. Along with this, fans cannot wait for the exciting lineup of games set to release on the console. However, the community has expressed concerns about the price of the upcoming titles.

All we can do now is to wait for the next-gen console from the house of Sony to hit the stores. Sony’s PS5 releases worldwide on the 12th of November this year. The standard edition will be available for $499 and the digital edition will be available for $399.

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