PS5 to Get a Remastered Version of Marvel’s Spiderman

September 22, 2020 4:32 pm

Developers Insomniac Games have announced that the PS4 success ‘Marvel’s Spiderman’ will get a remastered version for the next-gen PS5. However, there was some confusion regarding whether the game would be an expansion or a completely new game.

While Insomniac didn’t release a separate announcement regarding any details, they did reply to a few tweets from fans. These tweets clarified two major doubts that fans had.

Will Marvel’s Spiderman have a physical release for PS5?

To avoid storage issues, a lot of players prefer physical copies of games. Therefore, a user took to Twitter to express his concern. To this, Insomniac replied that they have no plans to release a physical copy of the game. They will only release a digital version which players can download from the PlayStation Store.

Can players port their save files from PS4?

Insomniac reiterated that since the remastered version comes as a completely new game, the ability to transfer saves will not be available. Insomniac Games have stated that they wanted to make full use of the attractive features that come along with the next-gen console. Therefore, they would be sacrificing the saves from the previous version so that they can make feature additions to the new game.

Therefore, the game will have newer trophies and players will have to start afresh to reach the progress they achieved on the PS4. This news will disappoint a few players since they will have to put in the work again.

However, many fans understand the excitement that comes along with remastered games. They are ready to grind and enjoy the fresh experience once again.

Developers will release the game alongside PS5 exclusive Spiderman: Miles Morales. Players can buy it separately or bundled with Miles Morales Ultimate Edition. Moreover, players won’t get the game as a free upgrade to the older version and will have to purchase the title separately.

One can watch the extended gameplay reveal of Miles Morales in this summary of the PS5 Showcase event.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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