QTCinderella and Will Neff Banned on Instagram After Adin Ross’ Fans Allegedly Mass Reported Them

Published 06/05/2021, 5:55 AM EDT

Feuds between prominent Twitch streamers have become quite common over the years. While a majority of them are just publicity stunts, there are times when things actually get out of hand. From the looks of it, the ongoing conflict between Ludwig, Nmplol, Sodapoppin, and QTCinderella belongs to the latter category.


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It all started when Sodapoppin and Ludwig trolled Adin Ross’ viewers recently. They claimed that his viewer-base only knows two alphabets, W and L, and then Nmplol made things worse by saying that only high-school kids who want to be cool watch Adin Ross.

It is self-evident that Adin Ross did not welcome the aforementioned comments on his audience. In response, he trolled the viewers of Ludwig, Nmplol, and Sodapoppin, and also called them nerds.


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QTCinderella had defended Ludwig against Adin Ross

No one expected that the jokes by Ludwig and his friends would lead to an actual social media war between them and Adin Ross’ fans. In an attempt to calm things down, Ludwig had also reached out to Adin personally, and had requested to end the feud.


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Instead of accepting the proposition, Adin posted the conversation on Twitter. This was enough to infuriate Ludwig’s girlfriend, QTCinderella, who abused Adin for overreacting on the entire situation.

It comes as no surprise that fans of Ludwig, Adin Ross, and QTCinderella have been more active in the feud than the streamers themselves. They have been actively supporting their favorite streamer and abusing and trolling the others.

Fans still trolling Ludwig and friends after FaZe Banks solved the dispute

All the drama had come to an end when FaZe clan’s content creator Banks stepped in as a peacemaker. He tried to make both sides understand each other’s perspectives. Accordingly, Adin Ross, Ludwig, and QTCinderella all apologized to one another and admitted that things definitely grew out of proportion.

The Twitch stars even deleted all the tweets where they had called each other out.

Source: Ludwig

Despite the settlement by the streamers, it seems like fans of Adin Ross aren’t ready to end the dispute yet. They recently mass reported QTCinderella and WillNeff on Instagram. So much so that both the creators are currently banned on the platform.

QTCinderella complained about her abrupt Instagram ban in a recent tweet.


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As per QT, Adin’s fans targeted her and Will Neff only because they couldn’t do the same with Ludwig and Hasan, who apparently have a much larger fan following.


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All in all, it is unfortunate to see such misuse of the report feature on social media platforms. Fans must not take any disputes between the creators they watch personally, and even the creators should refrain from incentivizing their audience to ever take such steps.

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