Racing Point F1 Draw a Hilarious Conclusion with Cryptic Ferrari Post

Racing Point F1

With the 2019 Formula One season just beginning, it is also time for the F1 social media teams to flex their fingers and dig deep into the F1 joke book. Now, Racing Point F1 has drawn first blood and their first victim is the Scuderia Ferrari team.

As it turns out, just like last year, some mysterious smoke was emanating from the garage. Racing Point first thought that they were electing a new Pope, because in Italy, a new Pope is usually announced when smoke is seen wafting from the Sistine Chapel.

Others may think that they were chasing out some of the ghosts of their 2018 mistakes.

Needless to say, it turned into a hilarious thread when Renault F1 joined the party.

Even some of the fans could not resist.