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Racing Point Technical Director Predicts that 2021 F1 Cars will be ‘Difficult’

Racing Point Technical Director Predicts that 2021 F1 Cars will be ‘Difficult’

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the 2021 regulations overhaul, which were revealed earlier this year. However, it seems that not everybody is convinced of the rules’ ability to achieve their set objective. According to Racing Point technical director Andrew Green, the new 2021 cars could potentially be “nasty pieces of work to drive”.

Owing to the ground effect design of the new cars, there is a hope that drivers’ ability to follow each other will become easier. However, some have noted a few flaws where, even though the following car will benefit from the new design concept, dirty air from his own front wing could cause handling problems.

So, the Racing Point director is of the opinion that the FIA needs to relax the rules surrounding front wing designs.

Andrew Green

“I think there are areas that could do with being freed up around the front wing,” he told Motorsport.com. “Around the front of the car I think it’s incredibly restrictive to the point where it’s really going to hurt the handling of the car.

“It’s going to be a real nasty piece of work to drive. I think it’s something that if they allowed a little more freedom would allow us to sort that out, but still retain the intent of the ground effect car and low following wake.”

He was particularly concerned about the aerodynamic instability of the cars. The 54-year old confessed that most engineer want cars that are more predictable, so that drivers can attack. In other words, drivers should be aware of all the goings on in their car and where is the limit.

He continued, “From what I see at the moment none of those statements are true for 2021. It’s more about what’s happening at the front of the car, and where the dirty air is going, right into the tunnels. The car currently is creating its own dirty air.”

Racing Point

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