Roger Federer

Agnieszka Radwanska announced her retirement in 2018, citing multiple breaks in her career due to injuries. Roger Federer said that he was quite surprised with her decision to hang up her boots, so early in her career.

When I saw that message I checked once, twice, and then it was true”, said Roger Federer. “Agnieszka(Radwanska) is relatively young, but I know that she had a lot of health issues and it strongly influenced her game”, said the Swiss maestro. “It’s a courageous decision and you need to respect it”, he said in an exclusive interview with Sport OweFakty.

Roger Federer also went on to praise the Polish WTA star, going as far as comparing her shots to his own. “Agnieszka perfectly understood her opponents’ desires, she was able to play in an amazing way”, said Roger Federer.  “I think we have similar game-styles”, he continued. “Sometimes her tennis remembered me the one I played on court myself”, said Federer.Roger Federer

Agnieszka Radwanska was surprised that her retirement received such a warm recognition. ‘I didn’t expect this huge reaction”, said the “Ninja”, as she was fondly called on the tour for her shots. “The reality of the situation actually hit me at this point”, she said speaking about the number of messages that poured in after she announced her retirement. “I was never number one, never won Wimbledon, yet I must have done something good in order for so many famous names to remember me”, she said. Roger Federer

Radwanska thinks there is very little chance that she might come back one day to play again. “Life has taught me ‘never say never’ but for me this is the end”, she said.

“I arrived at an obstacle which I could no longer get through”, she continued. “I now need a minimum year or two in order to recover and rest.”

She was also asked if she could get ready in time for the 2020 Olympics. “You go to the Olympics for a chance at a medal”, said Radwanska. “You need at least the faintest of hopes that you can get a medal, you know, I never stood on the podium even though I realistically thought I could do it. I don’t have that hope anymore”, she said.


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