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Rafael Nadal Aiming to Play in the 2020 Olympics

Rafael Nadal Aiming to Play in the 2020 Olympics

Rafael Nadal recently made an appearance at the “Dialogues of the Future with Rafa Nadal”. The event was organized by Banco Sabadell, and the gave a speech there. He stated that his intention is to participate in both the new Davis Cup and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“My intention is to star in it. It’s a new event and we have to give it a chance.” I loved the previous Davis Cup but it has not adapted to the new times, with that format the best tennis players in the world did not compete regularly, and that’s bad. From there they have looked for changes, if they are the right ones or not, we will see with time, “he said.
In this regard, he recalled that there are still “seven or eight months” but that his “intention” is to be in the Magic Box, although he did not speak when questioned by the presence of the Swiss Roger Federer or the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal of Spain

“There will be those who want to be, I do not know who will want to play it, I do not know, there is one thing that is evident, veteran players like Murray, Federer or Djokovic can have an idea of ​​the calendar but then things happen and make decisions, “he explained.
Nadal, who was interrupted several times by the applause of the audience that packed the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, also showed his desire to be at the next Olympic event: ” I missed the London Games because of knee problems but I could enjoy the Beijing Games and Rio, and I know that Tokyo’s are going to be spectacular, so I’ll try to be there. ”
The Majorcan tennis player acknowledged that he was not “ready” to face the Australian Open final that he lost to Djokovic because he required “more physical”, which, he said, did not come at his best due to injuries, so he did not go “satisfied” ” with your performance.
Nadal did not hide during his speech that the end of the three tennis players who have dominated the circuit in recent years -Federer, Djokovic and him- is “close” because “things are not eternal, the years go by and it is clear that we are in the final stretch of our career.”

Rafael Nadal
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