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Rafael Nadal Announces Surprising News for Fans as Tennis Tour Resumes

Rafael Nadal Announces Surprising News for Fans as Tennis Tour Resumes

Rafael Nadal

Every tennis fan might be counting the days left for the season’s resumption. Even players are getting ready. Rafael Nadal has been practicing on courts for weeks now. And as the US Open is just six weeks away, Nadal is hosting a live event on July 24.

Nadal posted the update on his Twitter handle. It will be an interactive live event with fans. The event is called #GetRafaMoving. 

“Tennis is coming back, so to help me get ready we’ll be hosting an interactive live event, #GetRafaMoving on 24/07. Don’t miss it.”

Which tournament will Rafael Nadal play?

As players haven’t played for months, motivation and fitness will be crucial. They will try their best to gain motivation and connect with fans again as the tournaments may not have fans.

Although, Rafael Nadal hasn’t announced his schedule yet. Recently, he was seen practicing on clay courts. The first two tournaments of the resuming tennis season are hard court tournaments in the US. This could indicate that Nadal might be skipping the US circuit.

Even his uncle Toni Nadal suggested that Nadal could choose one between the US Open and the French Open.

“I think Rafael can also consider choosing one just like Djokovic has said … With the US Open, Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros in a row, I think that many players will go for one. Playing all four tournaments all at once can be a problem but it depends on each one.” Toni said.

Rafael Nadal

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Nadal is the defending champion at both the US Open and the French Open. But the rising coronavirus cases in the US and the compulsory quarantine might have titled Nadal’s mind into skipping the US Open.

Nevertheless, Nadal would want to restart his season safely. His 2020 Australian Open didn’t go well as he lost in the quarterfinals. He still sits on 19 Grand slams, one behind Roger Federer.

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