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Rafael Nadal Cannot Imagine A Future “Without Being Able To Hug” His Fellow Professionals

Published 04/29/2020, 12:32 PM EDT

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Rafael Nadal has constantly talked to his fans through the difficult quarantine period. He’s one of those guys who have outdoors as an indispensable part of their lives. 

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That’s why this time has been extra tough for him. His social media activity has been proof of that. In addition to making important appeals to his fans to stay indoors, he has also been communicating about his unstable mental health due to prolonged periods inside the house. 

Nadal recently gave an interview to Marca revealing how he longed to get back the pleasures that were deemed normal just a few months back. He certainly echoes the sentiments of a lot of us. Let’s find out what Rafael Nadal had to say. 


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What did Rafael Nadal say? 

Rafael Nadal confessed that despite having constant urges to go outside, he understood the gravity of the situation. Things still didn’t look like they’ll get normal even after the pandemic recedes. 

“So right now my wish is to see my whole family and friends. I want to make a party, go to the sea, swim a little bit, to have a feeling of freedom, to be able to hug someone else. I’m very affectionate so when this is over there’s going to be a deadlock, to how we behaved before versus how we now have to behave in order to find a solution.”


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Rafa expressed hope that things would get as close to normal as possible once the quarantine ends. 

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“But I believe that even if things have to change, I feel that once there’s a solution, things will be back to familiar. I can’t conceive a future without being able to hug someone from the circuit whom I haven’t seen in months.
I trust that this will be fixed until then we must be responsible and cautious.”

Let’s hope that the difficult times end in the near future. 



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