Rafael Nadal: “Daniil Medvedev Created This Moment”

After lifting his 19th Grand Slam title and inching ever closer to Roger Federer‘s all time record, Rafael Nadal took a moment to appreciate Daniil Medvedev and the way he pushed Rafa to his limits.

“The last three hours of the match have been very, very intense, no? Very tough mentally and physically, too”, said Rafael Nadal.

Yeah, at the end with the video, the crowd that have been as always amazing, all these facts that make the moment super special, no? Unforgettable moment”, he continued.

“At the same time Daniil created this moment, too”, he added. “The way that he fighted, the way that he played, is a champion way. Just well done for him. I really believe that he will have many more chances”, said Nadal.

Nadal also marveled at the consistency Medvedev has shown in the 2019 season, beating top ranked players, including Novak Djokovic(on 2 separate occasions), at such a young age. Rafa also said predicted that Medvedev would go on to win multiple grand slams in his future.

“He’s 23. He’s 23. The year that he’s having is just very impressive”, said Rafael Nadal. “He has a great, great future in front. I really believe that, of course, he will be able to win Grand Slams, a couple of them, no?”, said the Spaniard. “Let’s see. In this life, is impossible to predict the future. But his career looks very, very well.”

Daniil Medvedev also spoke about how he was going to cherish this moment for the rest of his life. “I definitely will remember tonight”, said Medvedev. “I’m sure even talking about Rafa’s 19 Grand Slams, I’m sure he remembers his first final, even though he won it and I lost it.”

“I mean, was amazing match. It’s an amazing story. All this summer is amazing for me”, said a beaming Medvedev. “I will remember every moment of it. I have a really good memory if we talk about tennis. I’ll definitely remember it even when I’m, like, 70 years old.”

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