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Rafael Nadal Denies Comparing His Achievements at US Open 2019 and Laver Cup 2019

Rafael Nadal Denies Comparing His Achievements at US Open 2019 and Laver Cup 2019

Nineteen times Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal reveals that he cannot compare the Laver Cup 2019 achievement with his recent success at the US Open 2019 as he does not like comparisons. However, he believes that the two events add something different to the calendar.

Denying to compare his two recent achievements Nadal said: “I normally don’t like much the comparison because every single thing is different and it is important by itself.”

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

The Mallorcan also praised Roger Federer and his agency Team8 for creating the Laver Cup as he feels that the competition brings freshness in the ATP tour.

He said: “This event is unique and some things are always special. I want to congratulate Roger and all his team for this great job. They really made this competition happen and it is something very positive and something new, something fresh for our sport.”

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal also predicted that the Laver Cup will take a special place in the future of tennis as the 33-year-old urged the younger generation
to continue making the three-day event a priority, even after the retirement of the ‘Big Three’.

“I really believe that it makes more people around this sport. I really hope this new and young generation keep supporting this event because this event is special so we need to make this event stronger and stronger,” Nadal added.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal also divulged his desire to be a part of the Laver Cup in the following years. The Spaniard suggested that it is difficult to find the type of feeling in other competitions like the Laver Cup.

He concluded, “The feeling here is difficult to find in other places and to be part of two of these three editions that have already been gone. I hope to keep being part of the team in the future.”

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