Rafael Nadal Expected To Increase Tourism In Perth Ahead Of Australian Open 2020

Rafael Nadal is without a doubt one of the greatest names in tennis. Very few can do what he can in the tennis court with a racket in hand. However, it’s not his tennis prowess that has tourism groups in Australia excited.

Actually, it’s the ‘Brand Nadal’ that they are looking to encash upon. Nadal has reached Perth and tourism groups are excited to shoot him with some Australian heritage as Rafa explores and they mint some cash.

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Why Are They So Excited About  Nadal?

It’s not as if this excitement is resting on some baseless speculation. They’ve had tremendous success with Roger Federer in the past.

Roger Federer Quokka selfie on Rottnest

Federer delivered a tourism boost to Western Australia when he travelled to Rottnest island and shared his quokka selfie on social media. That picture spread like wildfire and tourism companies found their success formula.

Even the tourism minister of Western Australia encouraged Federer’s contribution. He even quantified the said rise in tourism saying that Roger Federer’s photograph reached about half a million people in 45 countries.

This time around, their expectations are even higher. The extra one million followers of Rafael Nadal on Instagram provides a bigger target audience (Roger Federer has 7.1 million followers on Instagram while  Nadal has 8.2 million). As soon as  Nadal landed in Perth, media hounded him as Rafa signalled that he might soon go on a travel spree.

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“It’s my first time to Perth and I’m excited to know a different place. I have heard great things about this city,” said Rafael Nadal.

What Is Rafael Nadal Doing In Australia?

Rafael Nadal is in Australia to participate in the ATP Cup as a part of team Spain. However, the Spaniard’s ultimate aim is to win his 20th grand slam at the Australian Open.

What are Rafael Nadal’s chances at the Australian Open?

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