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Rafael Nadal Opens Up On Retirement Questions

Rafael Nadal Opens Up On Retirement Questions

Rafael Nadal’s long career saw him suffering from injuries almost every year. Despite enduring multiple injuries all over his career, Rafael Nadal hasn’t just survived but has flourished to become one of the greatest players ever in tennis.

Many tennis pundits and fans predicted that Rafael Nadal will have a short career, looking at the injuries troubling him from the start of his career. Rafael Nadal’s former coach, Toni Nadal also suggested in an interview in April that the Spaniard may be forced to retire after two or three years.

Toni Nadal had said in a statement, “Nadal will be able to compete for another two or there years because of the physical demands of his playing style.”

Rafael Nadal

However, despite all these questions, Rafael Nadal is unsure about his retirement. The 18-time Grand Slams champion was once again asked about his retirement plans in an interview.

The 33-year-old was, however, was unassertive about his retirement plans. He said, “This is a question I am frequently asked, but I can’t answer it.”

Rafael Nadal

Earlier, Toni Nadal had also explained that the Mallorcan will stop well before ending as world No.40 in the ATP rankings. However, The world No.2 indicated that he will continue to play tennis until he is able to train and stay healthy.

He further continued, “I always say that as long as I am healthy, as long as I feel good physically, as long as I can do full training sessions and have opportunities to win important tournaments, I will keep playing tennis.”


“When one of these elements is lost, this will be a moment to think whether I should stop,” Rafael Nadal added.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal though was unsure about his retirement, he revealed what he will miss after retiring from the sport. He said, “I like competition, and when I retire from tennis, it will be a moment to look back and see what was achieved. For now, I like competing and preparing my future for retirement.” 

Rafael Nadal is seeded No.2 at the US Open 2019 and will face John Millman in the first round on Tuesday.

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