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Rafael Nadal Reveals How He Gains Energy and Positivity During the off Season

Rafael Nadal Reveals How He Gains Energy and Positivity During the off Season

Being a professional tennis player can be physically and mentally challenging. And with a certain Rafael Nadal, it is even more. 19 Grand Slams and numerous other titles, Rafa needs to perform at his best. And so Rafa has found his calm in the ocean.

Recently a few months back Nadal received his new 80-foot Yacht. It’s a Sunreef superyacht Great White. And reportedly it cost the Spaniard a whopping 6.2 Million Dollars. The initial photoshoot by Sunreef with Rafa showed us the outsides and the insides of the luxurious yacht.

Rafael Nadal's Yacht

“It’s really personal when I am in the ocean” – Rafael Nadal

In a conversation with the Boat Briefing Podcast, Nadal talked about how he chooses to relax when he is playing. Because as a top player he keeps playing important tournaments throughout the year and has no time to relax. The calendar is packed from Day One.

“Well for me it’s important because in my life. You can hide or not, you feel the pressure every single day of the competition. Tennis is a sport that the calendar makes the sport tougher because we start on the 1st of January and we finish the year around 20th November, so it is a very long calendar with plenty of tournaments. Problem with Tennis is there are important tournaments all around the year.” Rafa said


Rafael Nadal

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So when Nadal is back in Spain the Yacht gives him a timeout from tennis. He would spend a day on the boat to get back his energy. The ocean is a very personal thing for Rafa.

“We have important tournaments during the whole year so having the boat for me when I come back home I have the chance to go out and to spend maybe just one day away of everything without thinking about tennis, just diving or spending overnight with the boat helped me to come back with energy and in some way give me peace, give me calm and give me positive vibes. It’s really personal when I am in the ocean,” he said

Interesting insights given by Rafa. I’m sure during this lockdown the Spaniard might have gotten a lot of time to roam the oceans with his Yacht. He will be fresh and strong when the season returns.

Source: Boat Briefing Podcast

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