Rafael Nadal Sends Roger Federer And Novak Djokovic a Warning

Rafael Nadal
Federer and Nadal

The Spaniard, Rafael Nadal opened a summer academy of tennis in an elite resort of Cancun in Mexico which is an extension of his tennis academy in his native land situated in the largest Balearic Islands in Spain, Mallorca. “There is no better place than Mexico, it is a place where we feel good, we have been here for years and we know the region well. We had the opportunity to create here the first Rafa Nadal Tennis Center outside Mallorca, in this totally innovative complex”, Nadal said. With that, the World Number two tennis player, Rafa will be present for the Mexican Tennis Open in the beach resort town of Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast next week.

In an interview in Cancun, Mexico with ESPN, Rafael Nadal was asked about the objective of his academy. “We try to do things in the best possible way for all the people who want to spend a few days or a week here helping them to grow on a professional level,” Nadal mentioned on the works of his academy. “I will try to be here every year, I have a small room for it in terms of schedule and maybe get more involved in the future. Mexico was a natural destiny, I have been going here for many years and the opportunity to come here excited us. We have a great relationship with people. It’s a great place.”

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal at Australian Open 2019

Later, Rafael Nadal was interrogated upon his thoughts and conceptions of equalising or eclipsing the score Grand Slam title record of his longtime rival, Roger Federer. “I hope so”, the 17-time Grand Slam champ responded. He also shared his thoughts from the Australian Open 2019 final against Novak Djokovic. “It had been four months without competing, I had a good run than in the final I faced a better player than me and I missed several things: rhythm, competing with suffering before the final which I had not done since the last year’s US Open – I won matches in a comfortable way throughout the whole Australian Open – and I was not prepared to face such a big match.”

Rafael Nadal
Djokovic and Federer

He was questioned about the ‘Fedal’ pair being the greatest rivalries in tennis or not, “It’s not up to me to tell it,” he tenderly replied. Rafael Nadal conveyed his thoughts on the next generations winning as many titles as the ‘Big Three’ of tennis, he said, “Difficult, because an era featuring a lot of titles for many years have been marked. But if others did it, others may overcome it.’