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Rafael Nadal Working Hard At Home During Break

Rafael Nadal Working Hard At Home During Break

As disappointing and somber it is for us, fans, the fact remains there is no tennis for at least two more months. So we simply look around to see what the players are doing during this time. What does Rafael Nadal do when he is stuck at home with no professional tennis to play? Exactly what you’d expect from the most disciplined gentleman.

Rafael Nadal knows what a devastating effect the COVID-19 has had on sports. He is certainly ruing the fact that the whole of clay season currently stands canceled. It’s the time of the season when all eyes are exclusively on the Spaniard.

Unfortunately for Nadal, just as the clay-swing drew closer, the threat of the coronavirus grew as well. Rafael Nadal knows what a terrible thing that disease is looking at the struggles his country is going through.

As for the tennis side of things, there is a silver lining of sorts for him. The French Open is very much on the calendar as of now, albeit on a peculiar schedule.

September is still far away yet. So what is the World No. 2 currently up to apart from cooking himself a meal?

Exercises, training and staying fit in general of course.

And this is not something he is doing out of boredom or because he is stuck at home. This is simply his daily routine. We weren’t expecting anything else from the most hard-working man on Tour.

While the Spaniard continues to keep himself in top condition, the season still remains shrouded in uncertainty. Should the remainder of the season go ahead as per the improvised calendar, Nadal will need to defend his US Open and French Open title within a span of 5 weeks, starting in September.

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