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Rafael Nadal Top 5 Controversies

Rafael Nadal Top 5 Controversies

Spanish World number 1, Rafael Nadal is one of the best players in the world right now. He has millions of adoring fans who admire him and aspire to be like him. However, not all players are saints and Nadal has been involved in a few controversies. But then again, who hasn’t had a squeaky clean record?

Here are some of the biggest controversies involving the Spanish World Number 1

Nadal Never Said No

Rafael Nadal
Spain’s Rafael Nadal

In August last year, Rafa, as he is popularly called, was accused of refusing to play doubles at a charity event with the then under-fire Australian Nick Kyrgios.

Nadal reportedly told organisers he would not play with or against Kyrgios at the event in New York, which had been put on by John McEnroe’s Tennis Academy.

Kyrgios was facing widespread criticism for making disparaging comments towards Stan Wawrinka about his girlfriend during a match in Montreal earlier that month.

The Spaniard, however, insisted he never refused to play with Kyrgios in New York and the report that suggested he snubbed the 20-year-old was false.

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