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Raiders Fans Sing “F*** AB” Chants against Former Player Antonio Brown

Raiders Fans Sing “F*** AB” Chants against Former Player Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

It hasn’t taken long for the Oakland Raiders fans to go against Antonio Brown, and quite naturally so, given the way he left their team for the New England Patriots. Brown was proving to be headache for the Raiders in the past few months with various issues. He first refused to wear the new helmets made mandatory by the NFL. Most recently, he was having rifts with the team coach and General Manager. But he was thought to be ready to play just before the start of the season.

“Antonio is back today,” Raiders coach, Jon Gruden said just before the start of the season. “We’re really excited about that and ready to move on. He’s had a lot of, obviously, time to think about things and we’re happy to have him back and I know Raider Nation is excited about that, too.”

Just a few days back, he moved to the Patriots after asking to be released by the Raiders, without playing for the Raiders.

Raiders fans start Antonio Brown Chants-

When the Raiders had taken a 14-0 lead over the Denver Broncos team, a chant rose up from the crowd that could be heard on the broadcast.

Antonio Brown, with his dramatic move to the New England Patriots has been the story of NFL for a few days now. His fans turning against him might be justified by his behavior for the past few months.

Not just the fans, but the people who have had the experience of playing in NFL weren’t particularly impressed by Brown.

“Whatever!”: was the only reply by the former Steeler, Ben Roethlisberger, when asked about Antonio Brown.

Steelers guard Ramon Foster was another player with similar reaction, but replied with a few more words.

“Please don’t ever ask me about him again,” Foster said. “I ask that respectfully.”

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