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Raikkonen Best Teammate for Vettel

Raikkonen Best Teammate for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has a long history with his teammates. One of these was clashing several times with Mark Webber at Red Bull. But the German has formed a strong working relationship with Kimi Raikkonen during their three years together at Maranello. He said “Obviously it makes it a lot easier if you have somebody who you are working with that you feel the respect. You know, many times people tend to make things much more complicated than they are, especially in Formula 1. So it’s good if you can work with somebody where there are no politics or no confusions or anything.

Vettel say Raikkonen is his favourite teammate

Why Raikkonen is his Favourite Teammate

“In this regard, Kimi is probably the best teammate that I had. He is pretty straightforward, but I also got along well with Daniel [Ricciardo]. Then with Mark [Webber], obviously at times we had our differences. Also I have to say we were different generations, so we probably from the start were not that close. But that is how it is.”

Vettel and Raikkonen
Sebastian Vettel leads Kimi Raikkonen

Having relished his switch to Ferrari since joining at the start of 2015, Vettel says that satisfaction for him goes beyond pure results. He said that he was happy and honoured to race for Ferrari. But his aim is to win races and the World Championship. He does not measure happiness in success. But what makes him happy is if he can get out of the car satisfied that he has done everything he could. It makes him extremely happy to have the team behind him, working together as one team. Apart from the racing side, he enjoys the challenges that he has at home.

What Lies Ahead for Him?

Now, Vettel and Raikkonen have put behind them a disappointing few races in Singapore, Malaysia and Suzuka. Instead, they look ahead to the coming week’s USA GP in Austin, Texas. Can Vettel and Ferrari get the reliability monkey of their backs? only one way to find out.

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