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Raikkonen Bids Farewell to Ferrari Fans Through Arrivabene

Raikkonen Bids Farewell to Ferrari Fans Through Arrivabene

Kimi Raikkonen will forever be a tifosi favourite. Not only is he still the reigning Ferrari driver’s champion, he’s just a no nonsense driver who prefers to lets his driving do the talking. His quirky replies and funny radio comments make him even an more popular guy. His first stint in the Red Scarlet Ferrari lasted from 2007-2009 post which he left Formula One. He returned to the sport in 2012 and joined Ferrari again in 2014. He’ll be bidding goodbye to the team now post the 2018 season and joining Alfa Romeo Sauber for the next two seasons.

His first victory during the second stint in Ferrari came recently at the US Grand Prix. It was not only his first victory for Ferrari since 2009, it was his first F1 victory since 2013. A good five years Raikkonen took to climb to the top step of the podium, but certainly it was worth the wait.

Maurizio Arrivabene, the Ferrari team director, was present at the recently concluded Ferrari Finals in Monza and in front of thousands of Ferrari fans, decided to carry Kimi’s farewell words to the fans.

“A special greeting from Kimi, who won in the United States. We met after the race and he said something very simple: ‘It took a while’ time, but this victory will remain in my heart along with the world of 2007. If you go to Monza, tell all the fans. Thank you for me, this success is for them “,  he said.

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He further assured the tifosi that Ferrari will fight till the last corner to seal the constructors trophy, now that the driver’s championship is over.
“It’s not over, the world’s constructors are still open. We do not give up. Of course, the drivers’ championship is important for the media and the sponsors, but the one he cared about most was Enzo Ferrari. It is very difficult, but we will fight until the end, until the last lap, until the last corner of the last lap “.

Ferrari fans rejoice after Ferrari 1-2 in Monza, 2018.



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