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Raikkonen Trolls Vettel while Exchanging Helmets

Raikkonen Trolls Vettel while Exchanging Helmets

Kimi Raikkonen made one final visit to the Maranello base in Italy yesterday as he moves to on to drive for Sauber next year. He exchanged helmets with former teammate, Sebastian Vettel, and left a wonderful message for him at the end of it.

However, the Scuderia’s official Instagram account released previously unseen footage from the event, adding some spice of their own to it. Of course, it involves Raikkonen being funny as usual, with Vettel being the one to start but Kimi took his thunder away with his hilarious reply.

Check out their Insta post here:

Vettel hands his helmet to Raikkonen, and says, “Drop it” when the latter fumbles a bit while receiving. We are sure no one anticipated that reply from Kimi and yet again, he became meme material, albeit this time for a social media team which doesn’t really take part in banter.

This is certainly not the first time Raikkonen has been involved in something funny. At the recently held FIA gala, he pulled off some hilarious antics on stage while receiving his award for finishing third in the championship. You can watch his shenanigans here.

His wife’s reaction said it all and it was obvious that Kimi was drunk, though we are thankful he didn’t pass out or do something more embarrassing. He is also a hit in press conferences, with his monosyllabic answers to long or complex questions a part of F1 folklore.

Merry Christmas, Kimi Raikkonen style

Moments like these are why we love the fact that Raikkonen will stay on in F1, though he may not be with a front-runner anymore. It will be a mighty boost for Sauber, who looked good last season and will hope that the Finn’s vast experience will help them develop into an even better team.


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