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Rainbow Six Siege: Newest Operator is Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell

Published 08/12/2020, 1:17 PM EDT

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The leaks have been around for a while. Finally, the news has dropped. Rainbow Six Siege is going to launch a new operator next season and it is Sam Fisher. The crossover with Splinter Cell is an exciting one to look at. Sam Fisher will feature in a non-mobile video game as a playable character for the first time since the 2013’s Splinter Cell: BlacklistSam Fisher is not a character to bow down easily. Time and again he has made his cameos in other games. From Ghost Recon: Wildlands to Breakpoint, he has made appearances in all. He even slid in for a cameo in Far Cry: New Dawn.

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Tom Clancy’s Siege will have a major update soon. In an official post in the Ubisoft site today, it was confirmed the next season is going to be Operation Shadow Legacy. It also confirmed Sam Fisher will be joining as Specialist Zero.

What does the reveal look like?


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Well to be precise, the reveal is scheduled to take place on 16th August on Rainbow Six’s official Twitch channel. In a Twitter post today they announced the arrival;

The iconic 3 green dots from the night vision are back. We see Sam Fisher wearing a buff winter jacket and weapon harness. He is holding what seems to be a customized pistol. Furthermore, the narration says,


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“You should know better than to write me off. Consider this a teaching moment.”

This marks the 7th year since the last Splinter Cell game was released. Sam Fisher has been off duty since. Reports of a new game had flown in this year from Ubisoft until the sudden resignation of creative director Maxime Beland. Now it seems unlikely we will see any new game from that series in a while.

“Fall Guys is the Most Frustrating Game I’ve ever Played” – Tfue


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In-game Operator  Lera “Finka” Melnikova” writes in the reveal post to Harry Six about Sam Fisher’s joining in Rainbow Six Siege:


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“You would think it was hard for me to evaluate someone held in such high esteem. The figure of Sam Fisher has always been wrapped in mystery. Looking at his impressive resume, or what’s been made available to us, it’s not difficult to see why you chose Specialist Sam “Zero” Fisher.”

What if I told you Sam knew Finka’s father? Do hop over to read the whole bio as it might reveal some background you didn’t know. That is all till the big 16th August official reveal.

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