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Randy Orton Brutally Roasts Released WWE Superstars

Randy Orton Brutally Roasts Released WWE Superstars

Randy Orton

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) were released by WWE when the pandemic struck. As a result, they found the time to revive their podcast Talk ‘N’ Shop along with Rocky Romero. This time, they are injecting a wrestling angle to it. Now, Superstar Randy Orton breaks his silence on this move by the legendary tag team.

Before we get into what Orton had to say about The Good Brothers, let’s take a look into what the wrestling angle is in their podcast.

Talk ‘N’ Shop A Mania is a pay per view that combines wrestling and comedy in the podcast. The first featured match of this aired on Saturday, 1st August. The name of the match – The Boneryard Match.

Of course, a match with such a name will never appear on a WWE program. However, the resemblance of the name to the Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles at WrestleMania cannot be ignored.

This may have been intentional given that both Anderson and Gallows played supporting roles in the match.

“The Boneryard match is a cinematic masterpiece. There are so many jokes poking fun at wrestling, ourselves and others,” said Romero.

Randy Orton takes a dig at The Good Brothers’ Talk ‘N’ Shop A Mania

Circling back to Randy Orton’s comment about the event, it was not at all positive. However, his tweet maybe one of the greatest bits of advertisement enveloped in a negative statement.

“Heard there’s some shitty rasslin on PPV tonight. What’s this all about? I hope it fails miserably. #TalkNShopAMania

Here’s why it’s nothing short of a promo – in reality, The Viper is good friends with The Good Brothers. Therefore, most of his fans realized that this was a legendary move from Orton’s end to promote the Talk ‘N’ Shop A Mania event.

There is no one better than Randy Orton who can get under the skin of a certain section of the audience while amusing the other half!

Source: Randy Orton Twitter

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