Celtic captain Scott Brown
Celtic captain Scott Brown

Captain of the Scottish side Celtic, Scott Brown was subjected to a sick taunt by presumably a Rangers fan after the game between the two teams on Sunday.

As Brown made his way to Celtic’s team bus after the game, a supporter was heard shouting, “How’s your sister?”.

Apparently, the “sister” that the fan was referring to had died in 2008 off skin cancer at a tender age on 21. Though the two clubs are huge rivals, comments of such manner are hard to understand.

One officer was heard saying, “Less of that, eh. Beat it you. Move,” while another Rangers fan seemed to say, “Mate, come on to f*** man, that’s out of order.”

A police spokesperson announced on Wednesday that a 15-year-old boy has been charged in connection with the incident.

Police Scotland said in a statement: “Following social media coverage regarding an incident, involving a Celtic player outside Ibrox on Sunday 1 September 2019, we can confirm a 15 year old male has been charged in connection with the incident.

“He has been referred to the Early and Effective Interventions Co-ordinator.”

A Rangers spokesperson said, “We believe an individual was arrested and he will also be banned for life from Ibrox.”

After the incident, a lot of people came out in support of the Celtic captain.

Fans of both the clubs from Glasgow praised Brown for his “dignified” reaction.

Speaking of the incident, Bhoys legend Chris Sutton was quoted as saying by the Scottish Sun: “The Scott Brown video is absolutely sickening. “It’s hard to imagine anybody could actually be as sick as this. There is no place for this sort of behaviour anywhere in society.

“Enough is enough and the scumbag responsible should be held to account.”

Brown’s ex-Celts team-mate Tony Watt also slammed such conduct.

“The Brown video makes me sick that someone can be that horrible all because who he plays for! “If someone said that about my sister, police or not in front of me, I’m trying to take every tooth from his mouth,” his comment on the issue read.