India vs Pakistan

Cricket and Bollywood are two of India’s favourite pastimes, the two have also merged together on a few occasions. Some players have dated Bollywood actors, and some others own IPL teams. However, this time around, Bollywood met cricket in a most unusual manner and it was during the India vs Pakistan match at Old Trafford.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was seen at the Old Trafford cricket ground, supposedly as part of the commentary team. His outfit was also ridiculously garish, with a bulging overcoat and a scarf, over a white shirt and a decorated tie. Completing the fashion disaster of a look, was a pair of oversized sunglasses.

The India vs Pakistan game is normally one of the most highly anticipated matches, as the two teams are fierce arch-rivals. So, given the magnitude of this match and the historic value, it made sense to hype this game to almost over-the-top levels. Needless to say, fans were quite divided about his inclusion, and he even barged into the commentary booth and began to take over the Hindi commentary.