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‘Rathe Die than Change My Approach’ – Kevin Magnussen

‘Rathe Die than Change My Approach’ – Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen
Gasly barely survives a brush with the wall

Magnussen has been openly vocal on his dislike of the Halo cockpit protection system. He said that he would have preferred to race in the 1950s and 1960s era. That era was often considered as F1’s most dangerous period.

“I dream of racing in the ‘60s. If I had one wish, I would say to be born in the ‘30s and be young in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It hurts my racing heart when I see things so far from what it was back then. I envy those guys so much.

“It was just pure and more exciting. You could make a difference if you were really willing to take risks. And also if you felt comfortable on that limit. Now everyone feels comfortable, there’s no risk.

“Back then, if you have the ability to be calm and collected, on the limit of death effectively, you made a difference. And now that’s not really a factor any more.”

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