Ravi Shastri can turn around the fortune of Indian Cricket as Coach

June 30, 2017 11:34 am

Former India batting legend Sachin Tendulkar stepped in this week to finally resolve the matter surrounding appointment of India’s new coach in place of Anil Kumble, following which cricketer-turned-commentator Ravi Shastri finally agreed to send in his application for the role. If this happens and Ravi Shastri gets the position of head coach, in my opinion, he can handle the Indian Cricket team better.
Fielding coach R Sridhar thinks the same and he has said that Ravi Shastri is better equipped to deal with Kohli and co. than Anil Kumble. “Shastri was somebody who was character-based. He wanted characters in the team, so he worked on that kind of approach. He wanted to take that approach to the field. Kumble was someone who wanted to achieve excellence in his own way,” said R Sridhar.

“What is important in today’s cricket as a leader is to follow the energies within the group.You have to yield to the demands of the group and you have to make sure that each guy is in the best possible space,” said Sridhar, adding that the current Indian team had enough experience in their ranks to take decisions for themselves.
Ravi Shastri would be an ideal candidate to restore balance in the set-up. His mandate would be to ensure that the captain’s job is made easier and he could facilitate that by ensuring that there is a congenial atmosphere off the field. We all know that he and Kohli get along and this might benefit the team.
Another thing which team needs from the coach is that he should be able to cool down the pressure in Test matches where the team plays for five days continuously. One bad session and it is over but with a good coach you can turn the things around. Ravi Shastri having played Tests for India and having been team director when India climbed to No 1 in Test rankings, knows a thing or two about how to handle the pressure during Test matches. This will be a big plus factor for the team and fans.
The another challenge which team faces every year is that they easily win the matches at home but whenever they go overseas they fail to win the matches. He might be the man to change the fortune of the team.
Apart from that Shastri knows a thing or two about man-management and being India’s team director. Shastri thus knows the team members very well, having been in the same dressing room through this period and being the commentator he has seen many opposition players playing and might know some of their weaknesses which will be helpful in the long-term. All these things state that if Shastri gets the position, it will be the best thing for Indian Cricket.

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