Ravi Shastri is the Highest Paid Cricket Coach Ever

October 19, 2017 3:37 pm

We all are nowadays highly obsessed with cricketers and their elite lifestyles. But very few have come across the fact that cricketers are just the mediators. This is based on which an authentic business takes its shape. In today’s world, the real profits are being entertained by the cricket team coaches as well. Likewise, a breathtaking piece of news revealed that Ravi Shastri is the highest paid cricket coach.



Ravi Shastri at the helm:

Team India head coach Ravi Shastri is the world’s highest-earning cricket coach in the world. According to a report, Shastri’ draws a salary of 1.17 million dollars per year from the BCCI. And this amount of salary is even more than skipper Virat Kohli. But most importantly it does not include the money he earns from advertising. Shastri’s salary also does not secure any match fees. While the Indian coach is at the helm, behind him is Australia coach Darren Lehmann. He earns close to $0.55 million a year.

However, Shastri is not the only one earning more than Kohli, as Australian captain Steve Smith is also set to earn more than him. Noticeably, Smith will earn an astronomical sum of $1.4 million this year. Kohli, meanwhile, earns a sum of roughly 1 million per year.

A deep glance on the Highest Paid Cricket Coach’s Income:

Datelining Shastri’s income, a report also went on to say, “Ravi Shastri, at $1.17 million per year, is the world’s best-paid coach, and on his salary alone, he earns less only than what the top player from Australia, England, and India earns in a year. (Shastri, like all coaches, does not earn match fees.) “By contrast, Australia and England pay their coach around half of what their top player earns as a basic salary.”, it concluded.

The report also mentions that Ravi Shastri’s salary is “less than what the top player from Australia, England, and India earn a year”.

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