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Sami Zayn Unveils Kevin Owen’s Bizarre Obsession with “Great Bananas”

Sami Zayn Unveils Kevin Owen’s Bizarre Obsession with “Great Bananas”

Kevin Owens scored a victory over current rival Aleister Black on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. After the match and after Raw goes off the air, Ownes was in a funny interview with WWE interviewer Sarah Schreiber.

Owens told Schreiber an old story about his days on the road while wrestling on the Indie circuits. He spoke about the essence of having a great banana and the difference between a good and a great banana.

The Prizefighter would then reveal the happiness of beating Aleister Black. However, he claimed the victory wasn’t as great as the taste of the Banana.

Owens’ real-life best friend and fellow WWE Superstar Sami Zayn replied to this tweet. Zayn and Owens are friends from many years, they use to wrestle together and also traveled on the road together. Here is what Sami Zayn has to say.

Kevin Ownes is currently in a feud with a heel turned Aleister Black. This all happened on the 25th August edition of Monday Night Raw. Aleister Black attacked Kevin Owens on his show. Black was returning after a few weeks due to an eye injury caused by Murphy.

Aleister Black reveals his reason to turn on Kevin Owens

Aleister Black was a guest on WWE’s post-event talk shows Raw Talk. Since attacking Owens everyone has wondered why did Black go down this road. Well, Black has finally answered this much-awaited question on Raw Talk.

“Kevin’s negligence is why we’re here. And it seems the entire WWE Universe can’t catch a night’s sleep because I haven’t explained myself. Kevin’s a family man, right? Wife, kids, everything. You see the thing is, my father was a very cruel man. But not to the level of cruelty that Kevin has for people like me, and the negligence he shows people like me. I feel Kevin’s a fraud. Kevin uses one word and it clears him of everything he’s done. Kevin is known to throw his friends, people around him under the bus. But he uses the word ‘family.’ He gave his family up in terms of why he couldn’t be there, why this [Black’s eye] happened. And the entire WWE Universe forgives him – and makes me the bad guy for attacking him. Is that sufficient, do you think? if I jump in the fire for another man, I expect him to do the same for me. My point is that he’s hiding behind excuses.”

On paper, this is a star-studded rivalry. It will interesting to see if Kevin Owens and Aleister Black rivalry can re-elevate their careers and bring it up from the mid-cards.

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