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Real Madrid Supporters attacked by Islamic State

Real Madrid Supporters attacked by Islamic State

A group of terrorists belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS attacked a group of Real Madrid supporters at the Real Madrid Supporters club earlier today,killing 14 and injuring over 20 or more.

The armed gunmen are understood to have attacked the supporters group at Sammara, a supporters club based of a town 125 kms north of Baghdad, the capital. They were carrying AK-47, and had a clear intent to disrupt the 50 Real Madrid supporters who were only interested in having coffee and an old Real Madrid game.

As taken from AS

The scenes which have been shared on social media show no sign of humaneness. There is blood all over the floor, with bullet holes on the walls. Chairs have been upturned, and it seems as if it was an open fire.

This is not the first instance of the same. According to previous reports, ISIS had threatened to offer lashes to anyone watching the famous El Classico because the game is ‘ a product of decadent West’.  Previously, it had executed 13 teens for watching Asian Cup football match between Iraq and Jordan.

The Real Madrid supporter’s club president in Sammara  said: They don’t like football, they think it’s anti-Muslim. They just carry out attacks like this. This is a terrible tragedy”, according to AS.

This event has struck the football supporters clubs all over the Arab nations very deeply, all condoning the attacks. Real Madrid has also expressed it’s grief on twitter.

We, at EssentiallySports as sports enthusiasts and more importantly, humans express our grief and our prayers for those who are affected by this tragedy.



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