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Rebel Leagues hard to Self Sustain: N Srinivasan.

Rebel Leagues hard to Self Sustain: N Srinivasan.

N Srinivasan

Former BCCI and current ICC supremo, N Srinivasan vanquished any ideas that a  Rebel league like the one proposed by the Essel group would ever be ‘successful’. The 2007 Indian Cricket League was launched on the same note only to be scrapped off later on by the cricketing authorities.

The ICC chairman cited the hardships in the setup of such leagues and also added that self-sustaining would be very difficult. Earlier the Essel group’s head of finance, Mr Himanshu Mody said that the Rebel league had things ‘covered’ and are wiser than the ICL.

“Any attempt to form such a rebel league is not easy to succeed,”. “Cricket, as we know, has been established over a long period of time in various countries. It is based on domestic structures that have been put in place for centuries as in the case of England and Australia, and 80 to 90 years in India.” Mr N Srinivasan told The Hindu in an interview.

“Just because ICC events are popular and receive broadcasting rights, it doesn’t mean it can be duplicated overnight. The assumption that a substantial chunk of players will go away and be part of a league that will sustain itself over time … it is hard to see that happening.” he added.

The idea gained progress when certain reports suggested that the Aussie Skipper, Michael Clarke and star T20 batsman, David Warner were supposedly offered lucrative contracts to be a part of the league.

Another idea that was discussed was the BCCI’s continued stubborn resistance to the DRS.

“When I was president, BCCI, for several valid reasons, I did not agree to the use of DRS. The system includes ball-tracking technology as well as the hot spot, snicko, etc. I am glad that the present BCCI management is doing the same.” said the ICC chairman.

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