Record for Fifty plus scores in consecutive ODI innings

Published 06/05/2015, 3:41 AM EDT

A fifty plus score in an ODI is a decent contribution made by a batsman to his side. However, when a batsman scores fifties or hundreds innings after innings, it speaks loads about his consistency and talent, and the value that he adds to the team. ES presents its list of players with fifty plus scores in the most number of consecutive innings.
1. Javed Miandad (9 Innings)


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Javed Miandad

The Pakistani batsman made fifty plus scores in a record number of 9 consecutive ODI innings.


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                781Pakistanv IndiaNagpur24 Mar 1987
                78*2Pakistanv IndiaJamshedpur26 Mar 1987
                74*2Pakistanv AustraliaSharjah3 Apr 1987
                601Pakistanv EnglandSharjah7 Apr 1987
                52*2Pakistanv IndiaSharjah10 Apr 1987
                1131Pakistanv EnglandThe Oval21 May 1987
                71*2Pakistanv EnglandNottingham23 May 1987
                681Pakistanv EnglandBirmingham25 May 1987
                1031Pakistanv Sri LankaHyderabad (Sind)8 Oct 1987

2. Gordon Greenidge (6 Innings)

Gordon Greenidge

The former West Indies opening batsman registered fifty plus scores in 6 consecutive innings. These came in Australia, New Zealand and England.

                85*2West Indiesv EnglandBrisbane23 Dec 1979
                501West Indiesv EnglandAdelaide16 Jan 1980
                801West Indiesv EnglandMelbourne20 Jan 1980
                98*2West Indiesv EnglandSydney22 Jan 1980
                1031West Indiesv New ZealandChristchurch6 Feb 1980
                781West Indiesv EnglandLeeds28 May 1980

3. Andrew Jones (6 Innings)

Andrew Jones

The less-known New Zealand batsman played 87 ODIs, but has this commendable achievement of scoring fifties in 6 innings consecutively.

                571New Zealandv IndiaVadodara17 Dec 1988
                55*2New Zealandv PakistanDunedin6 Feb 1989
                62*2New Zealandv PakistanChristchurch4 Mar 1989
                672New Zealandv PakistanWellington8 Mar 1989
                821New Zealandv PakistanAuckland11 Mar 1989
                63*2New Zealandv PakistanHamilton14 Mar 1989

4. Mark Waugh (6 Innings)

Mark Waugh

The elegant right-handed batsman from Australia made fifty plus scores in 6 innings on the trot. Within a span of 14 days against Sri Lanka and England, he notched six fifties to give his team good starts in the 1999 ODI tri-series in Australia.

                632Australiav Sri LankaSydney13 Jan 1999
                83*2Australiav EnglandMelbourne15 Jan 1999
                852Australiav EnglandSydney17 Jan 1999
                651Australiav Sri LankaHobart21 Jan 1999
                571Australiav Sri LankaAdelaide24 Jan 1999
                651Australiav EnglandAdelaide26 Jan 1999

5. Yousuf Youhana (6 Innings)

Yousuf Yohana

The Pakistani batsman (prior to his conversion to Islam in 2005) scored 6 fifty plus scores in six innings from 12 September 2003 to 5 October 2003.


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                1061Pakistanv BangladeshFaisalabad12 Sep 2003
                651Pakistanv BangladeshLahore15 Sep 2003
                94*2Pakistanv BangladeshRawalpindi18 Sep 2003
                521Pakistanv BangladeshKarachi21 Sep 2003
                681Pakistanv South AfricaLahore3 Oct 2003
                651Pakistanv South AfricaLahore5 Oct 2003

Player to Watch Out For: Steven Smith

If he scores more than fifty runs in his next ODI outing, Steven Smith will be second on this list with six consecutive half centuries.


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