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Records broken by Serena Williams in 2015

Records broken by Serena Williams in 2015

Serena’s autobiography “The Queen of the Court” is named aptly after the illustrious World No.1 player of 2015. Serena once quoted, “I can’t become satisfied, because if I get satisfied, I’ll be like, “Oh, I’ve won Wimbledon, I’ve won the U.S. Open. Now can I relax.”

But now people are really going to be fighting to beat me.

She has followed the path of hard work, determination and perseverance ever since she picked up a tennis racket at the age of 3 years. There is a saying that “Talent alone cannot get you success, neither can being in the right place at the right time. The only thing that matters is whether you are ready.”

Serena was born talented but the she had to fight an uphill battle all the way to the Tennis glory. Her father played a major role as the official coach for both Serena and Venus. The family even moved from Compton to Florida so that the Williams sisters could concentrate more on tennis than anything else. Serena pulled out from the Junior Tennis championships and was trained by her father at home. Despite having no exposure in competitive tennis, she made it to the big scene. When she was asked about the same, her comments were,” Everyone does different things. I think for Venus and I, we just attempted a different road, and it worked for us.”  

Here’s an enumeration of all the records, the Queen of Courts broke down in 2015:

1. Upon Winning the Australian Open 2015


Serena went on to extend her own record from 5 titles to 6 in the Australian Open. The legend Steffi Graff(Read more about Steffi) has the next highest number of titles which is 4. Her shear dominance was witnessed in the quarter-finals match against the 2014 finalist Dominika, when she beat her hands down in the state of minor cold and cough by peerless scores of 6-2, 6-2.  She belted 18 aces in the match against Dominika with a ratio of 31 winners to 13 unforced errors. Then, she beat her fierce opponent Maria Sharapova in the finals by 6-3, 7-6, 7-5 to conquer the trophy after 5 years.

Maria Sharapova commented that, “She’s a competitor. She doesn’t like to give free points and free games. No matter the score she wants to win those games and those points, whether she’s down a break point or up a break point or whatever it is.

She made another record after winning the Australian Open 2015 of being the only player, male or female, to complete the Career Golden Slam after turning 30 years of age (Wimbledon 2012, Olympics 2012, US Open 2012, French Open 2013, Australian Open 2015).

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