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The Red Bull F1 team are highly confident that Honda have given them a good package. So, to that effect, the team have decided to bring forward a later update to their car. According to Red Bull motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, it was all thanks to the efforts of technological guru, Adrian Newey.

“Parts that were planned for the third race were brought forward, thanks to all the pressure he [Newey] could provide to get them on to the car for Melbourne,” Marko said to company TV channel, Servus TV.

“Our optimism is not unfounded. I see us behind Ferrari over the race distance, but ahead of Mercedes.”

He continued to lay on the praise thick, “The RB15 is certainly the best and most expensive car in the history of Red Bull Racing, if you take efficiency and the technical perfection of the parts.”

“[It was only possible] because in every phase every employee was convinced: Now we are back on track. Now we have another chance to drive for victories on our own.”

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He also hit back at critics who suggested that Honda’s positive progress was being blown out of proportion. He firmly stated that their primary target is to achieve at least five wins this season.

“There have been many negative voices saying that Honda can’t do it. But we’ve never had such faultless test days,” he continued.

“If we have more horsepower, it’s only logical that we have to look forward this year. Last year we had four victories. Five victories are realistic. I hope there will be even more.”

Formula One 2019 will officially kick of in less than five days and fans are slowly coming out of F1 hibernation. Luckily, they had the Netflix F1 documentary and binge-watching classic F1 races to keep them company.

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