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Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Refutes Marko’s Win Target Claim

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Refutes Marko’s Win Target Claim

Earlier in the year, Red Bull motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko set a daring target for the team. Pleased with Honda’s progress early in the season, he declared that their target for 2019 was at least five wins during the course of the season.

However, with three races ticked off the list, Red Bull have given up hope of registering any win. Earlier, team principal Christian Horner and Marko admitted that Red Bull were struggling with an “aerodynamic problem”. But, they also mentioned that things were not so bad in China.

“Helmut obviously likes to take an optimistic outlook and we are only three races in, but from a team perspective we have never set any targets in terms of race victories,” Horner said.

“Our goal is about closing that gap. I think we are all interested in being as competitive as we can as quickly as we can and what results come out of that, the races will dictate.”

Christian Horner. Source: Red Bull

Horner admitted that there is a need for Red Bull to bring in more upgrades in order to close the gap to their rivals. This is because, the development race never stops even when there is no racing on track. Rest assured, Mercedes and Ferrari will also be hard at work upgrading their own machines.

“It is all about evolution,” Red Bull boss, Horner stated. “Our goal this year has been all about closing the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari and we are doing that.”

“We split the Ferraris [in China], we’re are certainly closer on pace to Mercedes. There will be more concertinaing that will happen between now and the halfway point of the year.”

“Definitely we’ve made a step forward since Bahrain and we are definitely more competitive. When you look at the overlays in sector one and two, we are in good shape.”

“Sector three we have some work to do but we have some upgrades which will help with that which are coming soon. So, generally on that side, it was a positive weekend.”

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