Red Bull
Verstappen hasn't yet finished a Grand Prix at Baku (Source: This is F1)

Red Bull is yet to win a Grand Prix. In fact, Christian Horner has gone on to share that race wins may not be possible this season. But then, who wouldn’t want the feisty Max Verstappen deliver something special for a side that’s also benefitting from the services of Pierre Gasly.

But then, the Milton Keynes-based outfit hasn’t been punching below its weight, isn’t it?

Wondering how? Well, here’s a case in point.

The Honda power is already working well for Red Bull. After all, in the opening race of the season itself, Max Verstappen managed a strong finish, in the form of that P3 at Australia. Next up, while there’d be a void at Sakhir, with Mercedes and Ferrari sealing the top three steps on the podium, Verstappen would deliver a strong race for Red Bull in the form of that P4 at the 2019 Chinese GP.

Even as Red Bull didn’t get the podium, the exemplary battle (for quite frankly, there’s no other way to put it) demonstrated by Max on Sebastian Vettel around the hairpin bend was quite uplifting- was it not?

That told while Red Bull has already begun throwing in a few punches this season, currently standing firm on third on the Constructor Standings, it appears there’s a major boost around the corner for the Christian Horner-based outfit.

Wondering what that’ll do?

Red Bull
Marko’s update on Red Bull should uplift Max and Gasly’s confidence levels heading into Baku (Race fans)

Well, ask Max Verstappen, who couldn’t finish the 2018 Azerbaijan GP, all thanks to the two Red Bull drivers (Ricciardo being the other) coming together at the street circuit during the halfway stage.

So for a side whose focus, in the words of Horner himself, is to “close the gap to the others at the front”, there could be nothing handier than receiving a power boost for the next race, right?

So come, April 28, 2019, and one could expect some no-holds-barred driving from a man who’s delivered some fantastic runs in the past such as 2016 Belgian GP, one would assume.


And to that end, Helmut Marko, among the thought leaders of the side has shared that a Honda power upgrade would more likely uplift the side in the upcoming Grand Prix in the Central Asian nation.

And that told, what would be wonderful would be to expect the 21-year-old driver, one with 5 wins in his kitty to exert his dominance over the others in the midfield for starters. Of course, then if Max can use that power upgrade to find some handy points and finish with a decent points tally would be truly wonderful. This would be for the simple reason that to this day, starting the 2017 Azerbaijan GP, the Red Bull driver hasn’t yet finished a race, having retired on both previous occasions.